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       In Chinese history, there are five kinds of fairies, the heaven fairy (天仙), earth fairy(地仙), godlike fairy (神仙), human fairy(人仙), and the ghost fairy(鬼仙). In addition to these, Chinese medicine honors the seeds of the Hyoscyamus Niger plant as fairies (天仙子) , too. According to my parents, there were two kinds of fairies who lived among the Hyoscyamus Niger plants, the godlike fairy and the ghost fairy. On one hand, the godlike fairy healed all kinds of human skin diseases, including infections with the seeds of the plant. On the other hand, the ghost fairy killed people with the seeds instead. How is this possible?

  (The size of Hyoscyamus Niger, 天仙子, is very small as shown below, but it is very useful.)

Based on the Chinese Daoist (or Taoist) philosophy, the godlike fairy and the skin pertain to Yang, while the ghost fairy and the stomach pertain to Yin. The godlike fairy applied the seeds of the Hyoscyamus Niger on the people’s skin, and the ghost fairy killed the people by brewing the seeds into a tea. Those with Hyoscyamus seeds on their skin had all their skin problems healed, but those who drank the tea died.

     The Hyoscyamus Niger seed has been used for external - - - - - - - - -- - - -

    A healthy body will naturally force cancers or tumors out through the skin. Unfortunately, nowadays people receive too many vaccinations and this weakens the body’s natural immune system making it hard for it to push them out. Even if you apply the天仙子( Tian Xian Zi, Hyoscyamus Niger) with the intention of pulling out a cancer, it will be more difficult than if you had no vaccinations because your body also needs the internal power to infect the tumor or cancer and turn it into pus first.

     Who would you trust, the godlike fairy or the ghost fairy? The Chinese medicine practitioners or the Western traditional practitioners? You are the boss; and you have to learn to help yourself and your family. First and foremost, you are your own primary healthcare provider. If it’s possible for you to misdiagnose yourself, you can also be treated wrongly by other practitioners as well. For more information, please visit us again.



       You are your own primary healthcare provider. If it’s possible for you to misdiagnose yourself, you can also be treated wrongly by other practitioners as well.      For example, if you had lower back pain and you kept eating potatoes, bananas, or peaches, you would most likely have problems finding any relief. Unfortunately, if you are seeing a western doctor, their opinion is usually different from mine; therefore, I encourage you to examine both sides and use your own judgment.

    A few years ago a young man who had been suffering from lower back pain for about five months came in to see me after being referred by his good friends. He had already been to several doctors before me who tried to help him with no success. In the initial visit, I applied acupuncture on his ST 36 point - - - - -

     To my surprise he showed up a week later and reported being pain free since he last left my office. This case reminded me of some footnotes I once read on laboratory reports in the mid 90’s, “Your doctors should not diagnose or treat you based on these findings”. This puzzled me, doctors are supposed to send samples into a lab in order to accurately pinpoint an issue, so why then, are they suggested not to use those findings to determine a diagnosis and/or treatment?

      I wondered about this dilemma until one day I was educated on a western saying, “CYA”. Of course this is a common thought here, but to me it was new, and this figure of speech helped to clarify my aforementioned - - - - - -

     This is where CYA come into relevance, the laboratory technicians are specialized to just test samples given to them and send the results to the doctors who are then supposed to diagnose based on the results. Laboratory technicians have no way of knowing if the doctors will accurately interpret the findings to determine - - - = - -

     In the young man’s second and last visit, I decided to tell him about a “common sense” approach. One day in 1986 I was driving home from Denver and got on I-25 from entry 213 a- - - - - - - - - - - - 100 times even though the speed limit signs indicated 40 to 55 MPH. Despite my lack of ability to follow the speed limit signs, the highway patrol never gave me a ticket or even asked me to speed up. They use common sense in their job, but your doctors might not. No doubt, you might be mistreated.

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     In the mid 1990’s, there was a skier, Mr. M, who had two skiing accidents within six days. After the second injury occurred, it took people two hours to rescue him from where he fell and get him to an ambulance. On his way home after the second injury, he came for an acupuncture treatment. It was a Thursday afternoon.

(The picture above is similar to the injuries Mr. M had. It was taken a week after a woman injured both of her legs after a fall in 1988. According to both her and her husband, immediately after the fall her right knee swelled to double the size of what is pictured. After two treatments of massage, acupuncture and Chinese medicines, her knees were healed completely.)

     “My doctor took some X-Rays and told me my ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) was torn by at least 50%. Because of this, he scheduled me for surgery a week from Saturday.” Mr. M told me shortly after he arrived.  “He expects that before the surgery my swelling will have gone down and I will be able to bend my knee up to 110 degrees.”  After a thorough diagnosis accompanied with a message, I told him that for this type of injury, he would only need acupuncture treatment and three packages of Chinese herbs once a week for three weeks to be healed completely; however I was not convinced his ACL was torn.

    Mr. M was not just a patient, he was also a friend. I had attended his wedding a few years ago so I wanted to make sure he could avoid having surgery. Because of this, instead of having him come in once a week, I had him come in every other day starting Saturday to help speed up the healing process and avoid surgery.

     For the initial acupuncture treatment I did cupping and bloodletting, in addition to massage and herbal lotion which made the swelling subside to less than 30%. He was also able to bend his knee to 110 degrees. When he returned that Saturday, Mr. M was able to bend his knee 130 degrees as well as extend his leg completely without any assistance. According to Chinese Medicine and other cases I’ve treated similar to his, I was confident he did not have to have surgery. If his ACL was in fact torn, some Chinese herbs such as Xu-Duan (續斷) and Gu-Sui-Bu (骨碎補) would usually help the body heal any torn muscles, tendons and ligaments or broken bones which were included in his treatment.

     A strange thing happened on the following Monday when Mr. M came in for his third treatment. A chiropractor who hadn’t been in for three or four years came in for treatment. Mr. M’s injuries were healing quite rapidly so I felt there was no need to work on him for any extended amount of time. Because of this, I expected my wife to usher the chiropractor into the adjacent treatment room, but she didn’t. After an hour of working on Mr. M, the chiropractor remained in the reception area where he continued talking to my wife. When I finished with Mr. M, he left the treatment room and approached the front desk where my wife and the chiropractor were talking. Immediately, the chiropractor started talking to Mr. M instead of moving to the treatment area. During this brief conversation, the chiropractor told Mr. M that he had a practice in town as well as at the hospital near the ski area where Mr. M was scheduled for surgery.

    Mr. M did not return for any more treatments and decided to undergo the surgery. A few days after, he came in and told me that the doctor put four cameras into his knee so they could watch. During the procedure the doctor discovered that his ACL wasn’t torn after all. Ten days after this last visit, he returned while I was teaching an acupuncture class and told me he would bring in a video of the surgery for me to watch. I asked him if he would mind if I shared the video with my students, he smiled, nodded, and left.

     After watching the video my class and I had a discussion, during which, my students and I wondered, if Mr. M’s ACL wasn’t torn, why then didn’t the surgeon just leave it alone? Instead, he chopped off some of the lateral and medial condyle of his femur with a chisel, removed some tissue on his knee with a tool that looked like Pac-man, and also took off some small areas of cartilage.

     What was I supposed to tell Mr. M about the video? The surgery was his choice! If he paid $1,000 from his own pocket for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), then he would have discovered for himself that he didn’t need surgery. Unfortunately, he had convinced himself that it was torn and went to a doctor who assumed the same thing. What would have taken me three weeks to cure would now take me four months to rehabilitate, and at best it would only be 85% of normal function due to the amount of scar tissue now present. I hope that his knee surgery is an example for you to learn from.

      On August 6, 2004, a woman pushed her husband, Mr. C, into my clinic with a wheelchair. His doctor told him that he had only six months to live and if he would try to have a liver transplant the success rate was only 10%. Here it is seven years later and Mr. C is still alive and well!  How and why is this possible?

     In Chinese Medicine there are four kinds of medical diagnosis --- 望 (Wang, to observe), 聞(Wen, to listen), 問(Wen, to ask) and 切 (Qie, to palpate). The Chinese character 聞 (Wen) also has another meaning, which is “to smell the smell.” If a doctor is able to determine a patient’s illnesses by observation, then he is revered as a god (神, Shen). If he can tell the illness by listening to the patient, either through talking or any other noises made by the patient, then he is honored as a saint (聖, Sheng). He is deemed as good as an engineer (工, Gong) if he can diagnose based on questioning. Lastly, if he can diagnose by palpating or any other method that requires touching, then he is as skillful as a mechanic (巧, Qiao). In general, a Chinese doctor should learn all of these techniques and practice them as a whole to ensure that a patient is treated properly and therefore, healed completely.

     Mr. C had been an alcoholic for decades. Consequentially, because of this he was diagnosed with severe cirrhosis of the liver and was given only six months to live by western doctors.  Upon his initial visit, I was able to see that his eyes and all of his skin were a dark yellow color. This condition indicates that he has severe jaundice, a problem of his liver. The circumference of his waist was also larger than normal for his build (49.5”), and his legs were swollen, which indicated the function of his spleen and kidneys were too weak. For the swelling he told me he was taking water pills, but it wasn’t helping much.   

     When I began working on Mr. C, I felt around on his legs and abdomen and essentially used my palms and fingers as radars to feel around and get more detailed information about his condition. As I was doing this, I was also performing Qi Gong (氣功) massage to help increase his natural healing powers. I also did acupuncture and taught him some Qi Gong techniques while also instructing my wife what herbs to prepare and cook for him to drink. After he drank the herbs we had him exercise and try to urinate, we repeated this procedure over the course of four hours.

     We had him come back the next day(Sunday) when we were closed so as to be able to work on him uninterrupted. We repeated the same procedure as the day before only for three hours this time. After the treatment he was able to get on and off the bed with no complications, whereas the day before he had difficulty getting out of his wheelchair. The color of his eyes and the skin all over the body had also improved from a dark to a much lighter yellow and the swelling on his legs went down. Two days later, he walked into my clinic with a walker instead of needing a wheelchair, and the circumference of his waist had now gone down two inches (47.5”).  In addition, while he was lying down on the bed he was able to breathe normally with his mouth closed where initially he had complications. He was also more energetic.

     When Mr. C went back to his doctor the nest day, Wednesday, for a weekly check-up, his doctor called, cautioning me by saying that Mr. C’s ammonia levels were increasing too fast and if this escalation continued he could possibly die within two weeks. The following day, Thursday, Mr. C came in for his fourth treatment and he told me that the normal levels for ammonia in the blood should be between 20 and 40 units, and his was up to 240 units once. His doctor was able to bring it down to 40 units but it went back upto 70 - 80 units when he came for his first visit. Initially I had no idea what normal readings were supposed to be and latr on I found out that the definition of normal in relation to ammonia blood levels can vary from specialist to specialist within ranges of 15 to 50 mcg/dl to 15 to 110 mcg/dl in adults.

      It was good to have a warning from his doctor, and to be informed that the ammonia levels rose to 120 or 140 units within the week. I didn’t want Mr. C to be scared, so I cut down the doses of Chinese herbs. During the first two weeks, my wife and I had worked on him for a total of 16 hours. Some changes were recorded as follows.
Date                  Sat.               Sun                 Tues.           Thur.         Sat.          Tues          Thur.
Eyes color         dark yellow   light yellow      light yellow   normal      normal     normal       normal
Skin color          dark yellow   light yellow      light yellow   normal      normal      normal      normal

(inch)                 49.5              48.5                47.5             46.5          46.0         45.0             44.5
Walk with           wheelchair    wheelchair     walker          walker      normal      normal        normal

 (hour)                 4                 3                      2                   2              2              1.5               1.5  

      As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are taught to apply all of the techniques of 望(Wang), 聞(Wen), 問(Wen) and 切(Qie) to diagnose the patient. Therefore, if we were to take a patient’s blood with the intent to test it, from where would be the most effective region draw from to get a clear picture?

      Obviously, in Mr. C’s case, the ammonia levelin his blood could not reflect the total amount of ammonia in his liver or his whole body. The job of the Chinese herbs I used was to discharge the ammonia from his liver; therefore the reading in his blood will be higher. Because of this, Mr. C should not be alarmed by the reading just as I wouldn’t be alarmed if I had to stop my car on the interstate during rush hour as needed. The interstate will be congested during rush hour as a large number of people are getting on the interstate to go to work or home.  
       Unfortunately patients around the world are misdiagnosed and mistreated in the same way that Mr. C was. Sometimes, people are diagnosed with certain illnesses based on the findings of their waste and because of this; doctors may give their patients a “shelf life” by estimating how much longer they have to live. Sadly, this was the case with Mr.C when his doctors told him that he had 6 months to live.

        What does refunction mean? Refunction is a word I have created to mean “restore the function of the infection”. A common understanding of an infection is where a parasite species colonizes a host organism with the purpose of using the host’s resources to reproduce, often resulting in disease; therefore, I have created another word, outfection, which I use to define a treatment for guiding parasites, tumors and cancers out of the skin. Based on my experience, outfection is one of the best treatments for tumor and cancer patients. A question you may have is does it work for breast cancer? Absolutely- - - - -

     --------practitioner, if you have ever misdiagnosed yourself or the timing of your procedure was inaccurate, you might be mistreated by the next practitioner as well, it doesn’t matter if he is a traditional Western doctor, Oriental doctor, or an Acu- - - -

     In 1995, there was a woman, whose left breast was cut out completely due to cancer. The cancer was apparently gone, but she did not refunction so two years later she got cancer in her right breast. This time, she didn’t want her whole breast to be removed so her surgeon only cut the cancerous cells out. Th- - - - - - - -

     - - - - - - - - - - n South Dakota to see me. I applied caster seed and garlic on the wound to refunction, as well as outfection the cancerous cells. I gave her four acupuncture treatments spanning ten days, and also had her drink some herbal tea on a daily basis. After ten days of treatment in my office, I sent her home with a two week supply of herbs to boil and drink. She came and saw me once more and after approximately seven weeks, her breast cancer was cured. So far, (in 2011) she remains cancer free- - - -

     If you have a breast cancer removed by means of TCM, it is best not to close the wound too tight; In addition, you may ask your acupuncturist to do moxibustion on the wound to increase your natural immunities to prevent the cancer from coming back. If a tumor or cancer is deep under the skin and the patient does not want to see a traditional physician, it will be more difficult to get it out by way of infection.

     In late February of 1993, a woman (Ms. L) came into my office. Ms. was on a fixed income and didn’t have health insurance, so when she developed a yolk sized lump in her breast, I was her only option. I told her that she needed to refunction herself by outfectioning the tumor. She did not mind the potential pain involved in the treatment, and was able to come for a check-up any time as needed. I poked the lump with a needle and applied some herbs on the skin just above the lump. Later on she started to feel a sensation of pain that went deeper and deeper every day. On day 10, the pain was so sharp that she was unable to sleep throughout the night.

     The next morning, I massaged her breast to soften up the lump and then used a suction cup to pull out the "evidence" of the infection which was a small amount of pus, and the pain subsided as well. After another ten days of the same treatment, the lump had turned completely into pus which, after being discharged, healed a few days later.  I called her up roughly eight years later to check up and see how she was doing; she reported having been cancer and lump free since she left my office. Twenty years later, in 2013, I had visited her at home and her husband had taken a picture on the wound of the "refunction" site for me; on the picture you can see there was only a tiny, shinny spot exists.         

     No pain, no gain! Remember, you are your own primary healthcare practitioner. If you have ever mistreated yourself, then it’s possible for you might be mistreated by someone else as well.

     * * * Updated on June 1, 2015)

     One afternoon in 1988, a cardiac surgeon came to my clinic and showed me a condition on his left foot. He had a tumor under the sesamoid bone that was removed almost a month earlier but it was still there, swollen, painful, and red in color. The surgeon who did the job was also a co-worker; needless to say, he was a little upset so he sought out to find an alternative method for healing his foot. I could tell that he was very frustrated.

     Immediately upon examining his foot I could tell that it was infected, but he rejected the possibility, telling me that he had an ultrasound imaging that morning. I told him that he was probably right according to western diagnosis but -----

     ------------ow an infection is an important part of the healing process. First, the brain has to coordinate the entire body to collect and send enough energy to heal a wound or a cut or, if there are any invaders, such as germs and parasites, it has to give an order to the immune system to fight against those as well. Second,

     The cardiac surgeon had been taking antibiotics and pain killers daily since the surgery. Unbeknownst to him, these medications were slowing down his healing. In addition, he had been eating some corn, nuts and shrimp, which created more problems for the function of the infection. I told h

       In the summer of 1984, my family and I moved in to a low income community. Shortly after, we discovered that the whole complex was infested with cockroaches. One day as I was trying to re-heat a piece of fried chicken in a bowl, I noticed a cockroach running around the base, I hesitated a moment but continued heating the chicken despite the cockroach’s presence. I ended up cooking the chicken and the cockroach two times for two minutes each time. Towards the end of the second time, the roach ran away through a small hole in the microwaves ventilation system.  This incident gave me the opportunity to review medication in both the western and Chinese fields. From this experience I realized a few things; in general, Chinese medicine has more of a tendency to keep a person healthier and in better shape. This is because the purpose of Chinese medicine is to help strengthen the body instead of having medicines fight the condition alone.
   When I started cooking my chicken, I set the timer for two minutes and right after pressing the start button, I saw the cockroach running around the base of the bowl. As a practitioner of Buddhism I am taught to have respect for every living being and so I should not kill the roach, but I was curious as to how much radiation the roach could handle before he died so I left him in there, prepared to push the stop button if I needed to.  

     As the chicken started to heat up, it would pop and oil would come out, this caused the roach to move away from the bowl and run around the walls of the microwave until the microwave stopped. The chicken still wasn’t done so I turned it on for another two minutes with the cockroach still inside. During the second heating, the cockroach now walked along the upper walls of the microwave, all the while, the cockroach remained alive. Because of this, I pondered turning the microwave on for a third time.

     I came to the conclusion that it was the roaches decision to stay in the microwave for so long because when I decided to turn it on a third time, the cockroach escaped through a hole in the ventilation system. Almost as if the microwave knew the roach had escaped his fate, the cycle ended with a loud "DING", to me this seemed as if the microwave was saying, "Hi Roach, you have performed an excellent demonstration." This example showed me that inside the body, germs and parasites can hide away and escape to deeper area making it harder to be treated by medications, just as the roach had done.

      I walked to the next building where my co-worker lived and told him about my incident with the roach. He moved to this community two years ago and had experienced issues with cockroaches too, so upon hearing my story he laughed loudly in disbelief. I assured him the microwave was of good quality from a well-known brand and had been made in USA. He laughed even louder and said “So what? The roach was made in USA too!”

     Even though the apartment manager paid for an exterminator to spray the complex monthly, the cockroach population seemed to continuously get worse. Contrary to this approach, the Eastern medicine practitioner does not set out to kill germs and parasites in the body directly, but instead to provide the patient’s body with more energy to help the body fight its own invaders.

     Life is medicine. To some, it might seem that I attempted to use a scientific device (the microwave) to kill the roach but failed. This idea can also be applied when comparing conventional medicine to modern warfare. With the U.S military fighting Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, we use high-tech warfare and have we succeeded in winning the battle yet? Same for health, is it sensible to rely solely on conventional medicine over alternative methods?

       One night in April 2009, a 65-year-old Mrs. L broke her left humerus up towards the surgical neck. After getting X-rays, she was scheduled for a surgery two days later; however, during the consultation with a surgeon she decided she wanted to come see me instead of having surgery. After two weeks she was able to comb her hair with her left hand. How, you may ask? She guided the pain to heal the bone.

     Why did Mrs. L. change her mind? According to her and her husband, the surgeon told them that the success rate of such a surgery was only 30 to 40 percent and even if successful, she might not be able to raise her elbow higher than her shoulder for the rest of her life. Surprisingly, this wasn’t enough to deter her; it was her medical history that ultimately brought her to my office.

      I knew Mr. and Mrs. L from a previous incident. Nine years prior to her current issue, they lived in Texas and her husband developed some serious knee issues which, according to his doctor, may result in amputation above the knee (AAK). Fortunately, someone recommended them to see me and after a few acupuncture treatments, Qi-Gong massage, and herbal teas, he recovered without the need for any surgery.

     Returning to Mrs. L’s humerus. During the initial visit (April 27) I measured the circumference of her upper arms near the shoulders and both were over 20 inches. I massaged her left upper arm to help find where the break was but I wasn’t even able to feel for the surgical neck of the humerus. I treated her once every two to three days totaling up to nine treatments from April 27 to May 19. By the end of the duration she was able to raise her left elbow to her forehead before returning home to Texas.

     You may think this could be a miracle that she healed with minimal treatment, but I assure you the major healing source was her own energy and mental power. Pain is a very important facet of the healing process that accelerates our own internal healing energies. Just as the palm is to the back of the hand, so is pain to the healing energy in our bodies. You try to kill the pain in an injury, then you are also killing the energy needed to heal; therefore, one should try not to kill the pain if at all possible.

     Some people have committed suicide because their pain has become too unbearable; this may be one reason why doctors have started to prescribe pain killers more often. But if the individual knew the importance of the pain, then perhaps they may choose differently, to kill the pain and healing energy, or to cure their illness. The choice lies with the patient.

                 * * *  For educational purposes, the following story has been posted in both English and Chinese several times since the 90's. Please bear in mind that Eastern and Western medicine are two different approaches to healing. You alone are responsible for the choice you make. * * *     

      One day in the early 90's, Wendy flew from California to Washington, D.C. because her younger brother David, had asked her to co-sign some medical documents for his neck surgery. When they met up, David told her he had changed his mind. He decided he wanted to go to Boulder, Colorado for acupuncture treatment instead of having surgery. This sudden change of mind surprised his sister which prompted her to ask if he was crazy, and that didn't he know that the best doctors lived in D.C?    

     I started working on David and as an ini  ----------------------tial diagnosis to help with the pain, I gave him a moderate massage. Second, I explained to him that in Taiwan I have seen many people with crooked necks that gave them n-------------------his shoulder had nothing to do with his neck. When I gave him an acupuncture treatment the pain in his shoulder completely dissipated. Later that night, after he left my office, he called his sister and brother -----old them his chronic shoulder pain was cured in just 30 minutes.

      Was David's pain actually cured in 30 minutes? I initially scheduled David for six treatments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for two weeks. After the fourth treatment, he asked if it was alright if he went back home after the fifth because he wanted to drive and visit some friends on the way home. I reminded him of his sisters concern and advised that he complete the treatment plan. On Friday, the day of David's sixth treatment, he never showed up, but just as I was about to lock up I received a call from him saying he was on his way. After the treatment on Wednesday, David went away for two days to see friends, during this time, he had only slept for six hours, the rest of the time was spend either driving or visiting with his friends. David also told me that since that very first acupuncture treatment he hasn't had any pain.

          A month after treating David he called me asking for 100 packages of the herbs that I gave him while he was undergoing treatment. When I asked him why, he said he wanted to buy them for his co-workers and friends. I told him that without a proper diagnosis I wouldn't be able to make any herb mixtures, but that if he wanted to help them, they could consult with any local acupuncturist or herbologist.

      If a butterfly flew into a spider web, no one would blame the spider, how about if someone chose to have surgery and ended up hospitalized? Such is the case in the following story, which may give you a different perspective for healthcare.

      About 18 years ago, Bill pushed his wife Tammy into my clinic with a wheelchair because her feet were red and it was too painful for her to walk. During the initial visit, they told me that she had already been hospitalized twice at the Mayo Clinic in Wisconsin, but was unable to seek any relief. Who should she blame for this?

      First, lets talk some common sense. If you wanted to drive from Denver to Montana it's pretty safe to assume you'd take I-25 to get there, but what if you took I-25 South instead of North? Would you still reach your destination? Of course not. This same principle applies to healthcare, if you decide to choose 99% doctor care- 1% self care, the result would be much different than if you chose 99% self care-1% doctor care. The case of Tammy and her painful feet is just one of the numerous cases I've seen. Tammy's foot pain was cured with just two acupuncture treatments, some Chinese herbs, and the will to decide 99% self care-1% doctor care. Let me explain.

     A week after her first treatment, Tammy returned. Even though her condition had improved, it wasn't as good as what she expected so we made an appointment to visit her at her house for no extra charge. We had suspicions that the source of her pain could be found at her house. During the visit, Bill showed us his work place which included a machine for cutting and sanding rock, then Tammy led us through some very soft grass in her back yard. They showed us many things but nothing that would lead us to the source of her issue, we were stumped.

      We talked for a while and shortly before we left, Bill told us that Tammy loved pickles, he said she she would eat anywhere from a half to a whole jar of them every day. He showed us the kitchen and when we looked, there had to be almost 50 jars of pickles in the cabinet. We reminded them that Tammy  wasn't supposed to consume any sour or spicy foods, including pickles.

     My wife asked to taste one of the pickles and sure enough it was sour; therefore, we told her again that she is not to eat the pickles for at least a month. Within a month she had helped herself without any additional acupuncture or Chinese herb treatments. Tammy had been eating pickles for so- - - - - - -

     It is very easy for the practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), to figure out the causes of Tammy’s and Lisa’s problems, for they practice “When-in-Doubt, Figure-it-Out” therapy, not “When-in-Doubt, Cut-it-Out.” In other words, if Tammy had consulted a TCM practitioner, she may not have had to be hospitalized in the Mayo Clinic; and if Lisa knew that vitamin-C caused her lips to crack, she probably wouldn't have overused it.

                  (Was She a Superwoman?)

          Pain is a sign of your energy and it is your treasure, so never try to kill it, if possible. As you can see a dead man has no pain at all, and a vegetable does not have much sensation of pain because his energy level is too low. How about those who are taking pain-killers and still can not walk due to lower back pain? What happened? Let me give you one of the many patients who has already known that pain is energy and treasure. She is Eva, and you might wonder that she was a superwoman.

          Years ago there was a 48-year-old woman (Eva), who was on wheelchair for 11 years prior to see me for acupuncture treatments. During her initial treatment she was unable to move her left leg while she was on wheelchair. And when she was carried onto a treatment bed, her right leg could only pull back toward her hip for about 1 foot, that all. She could neither stretch it out again nor to rock it from side to side. But after I inserted the first needle on her right leg, her life had a big change.

          It is said that Eva took pain-killers whenever her lower back was hurt, therefore I told her and her son that she won’t be healed if she would keep taking the pain-killers. However pain and numbness that people feel are similar to acidic and basic of the pH scale --- If a pH less than 7 is acidic and greater than 7 is basic (or alkaline); so as the same, if someone’s energy has concentrated too much somewhere it would cause pain, and if the energy level is too low it would be numb as a result.

          For Eva, after I massaged and inserted three needles on her legs, she was able to pull her right leg all the way back to her hip, while she was lying down on the bed. Also she was able to lift it 2 feet up in the air, Besides, she was able to pull her left foot back toward her hip for over one foot, and rocked it from side to side and then stretched it out again. You might wonder that “She was a superwoman.” Was not she? Is her case similar to Superman’s?

          According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it’s weird if you had pain in your knee(s) and you took pain-killers to treat the symptom. Instead, you should take some herbs or foods, which give the body more energy to speed up the blood circulation. However, some practitioners of TCM might use Hong-Hua and Tao-Ren as blood thinner to treat the symptom, just like the Western physicians do with aspirins.

          After all, it is the patients’ choice, to be treated or to be cured, which is based on how much do they know about the sign of their energy, the treasure of their life force, as well as the secret of healing power --- the pain.

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        Certainly, kidney failure could be treated or even cured if you could figure out its causes early, instead of treating the symptoms long after. For example, in March 20, 2000, there was a 32-year-old woman who had already on dialysis three times per week for three years, and since her first dialysis was performed she was unable to urinate any more. But since her initial treatment with a combination of acupuncture, Chinese medicines and Qi-Gong massage at my clinic, the Ruseto Center, she was able to urinate again ---1/2 ounce on the first day,  2 1/2 ounces on the 4th day, 3 1/2 ounces on the 6th day, and 4 1/2 ounces on March 29.. In other words, her dialysis could be terminated soon, and her kidneys could be cured sooner or later. ( For more detail, please read the record below.)   
          Von, female, age 29. One day she had fainted suddenly and when she became conscious again in a hospital, she saw a tube was inserted into her upper chest. And the next day after the tube was pull out, she had her first dialysis. In addition to the 3-times dialysis per week, she had to take four kinds of drugs for her high blood pressure.

          Since Von was a out-of-state patient, she had to arrange her dialysis in Boulder before her coming for acupuncture treatments. Her dialyses were scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for two weeks in a row. However those dialyses took 4 to 6 hours each time, and after each dialysis she became very tired so she could not come for treatment on those dates, so I only treated her on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday during that period of time.

          On the first Tuesday, I applied Qi-gong massage on her Back-Shu Points, inserted needles on Kid 3, Kid 7, and so on. Besides, she cook and drank the Chinese herbal medicines my wife, Hui, had prescribed for her. Then she was able to urinate a few times within 24-hours, totally was about half a ounce. And the next 24-hours she had urinated over one ounce of urine, even though she had another dialysis after my treatment was done.

          According to Von, she might had a drop of urine per day, at the most, for the past three years. But since the first visit at Ruseto Center, she felt that she had to urinate several times per day. No matter what there was urine or not each time, she was able to urinate more and more everyday --- from merely 1/2 ounce after the initial treatment, to over 4 1/2 ounces before she came for her 6th treatment on the second Saturday. In addition, she was able to cut down her hypertension medication on her own.

          In a period of 10-days, the condition of Von’s kidnays were changed from failure to recovering. The progress was so crystal clear and sooner or later her dialysis could be terminated, so she decided to go home to take care of her children and then come back in about two months. Guess what! We told Von that all my family members had a chance to go back to Taiwan for the first time in sixteen years (for two weeks only), so she had better come back before we left. Von prefer to come back for her second session of treatments after our vacation, so she decided to  continue treatments for another two weeks --- totally she had 12 treatments in 25 days,

          Something happened, during our vacation she had a chance to have one-kidney transplant and she accepted it. What does it mean? Will her own one-kidney still recovering? The answer is --- Possible, if she continued to receive alternative treatments.
          * * * P. S. --- Patient's medical records are confidential, therefore I had to modify the case history when I posted it in 2011. But, for your health now I decided to provide you with more accurate information. * * * (Updated on April 21, 2013)

         It is crystal clear that each patient is unique, and a diagnosis must be as bright as a diamond, not a rock. For example, I have cured many kids who were diagnosed of having autism and A.D.H.D. (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but prior to seeing me they had received so many treatments and/ or special educations with little or no results. In fact, the medical terms of autism and A.D.H.D. look like rocks to me, they should be replaced by Noti instead. What is Noti? Noti stands for N.O.T.I., or None of their interest. Why?
          First of all, a diamond has characteristic chemical composition, highly ordered atomic structure, and specific physical properties; but a rock is an aggregate of minerals and/ or mineraloids and does not have a specific chemical composition. So as the same, according to my experience, the terms or diagnoses of autism (a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior) and A.D.H.D. are not appropriate; and I found out that those treatments and educations were “none of the kids’ interest.” Now, let me share you with three case histories as following.

          Case One: Jimmy, 7 years old, was diagnosed as an A.D.H.D. boy. According to his parents, at school his score was 31st of the 38 in his class and for a 2-hour of composition assignment, all he could accomplish was 12 sentences; but when I gave him 5 minutes to write he was able to complete 10 sentences. His first sentence was “TV is my life.” Therefore, I talked to him to find out the root of his so-called A.D.H.D. Jimmy was the only child in his family, and both of his parents were working full-time, so after school he would jump onto a couch to watch TV as soon as he could. I did acupuncture and gave him some tips to be a top student of the class, and a week later when he came back for the second treatment, both he and his father told me that his score became the 8th of the class. He wasn’t an A.D.H.D. boy any longer.

          Case Two: An optometrist (eye-doctor) who brought her son, Tom (11 year sold), to see me for his autism. He had received so many special educations but nothing really worked for him. During his initial visit I found out that he had stomach problem, so I inserted one needle on his left leg, at S 36, and then prescribed some Chinese herbs for him to drink. A week later when he came back for the second treatment he told me that, “Hi Pao,you are my buddy!” I asked him that, “What do you mean?” He replied that, “You are my best friend. You have solved my problem, which has had bothered me for years.”

          Case Three: Jack, 7 years old, on diaper since he was born, and was diagnosed as an autistic boy. According to his mother he was able to go to urinate without wetting his diaper, but always has poop on it. The root of his autism was a problem of his digestive system, so I inserted two needles on his legs, one each, at S 36. A week later when he came back for the second treatment, his mother told me that, “Since the initial visit, he didn’t need to wear any diaper again.” Besides, when they came back for the third treatment, the mother reported to me, “The next day after the second treatment, Jack grabbed his older brother’s bike over in the park and tried to learn to cycle all by himself, and in less than two hours he became good at it.

          Personally, I would recommend that we should try to find out the cure of problems instead of keep creating new medical terms of any disorders or conditions. In reality, to treat a child we need to diagnose him thoroughly, which included different levels, at least the spiritual level, educational level, mental level and physical level. Besides, we have to check his medical records and educations (both at school and home.) I found out that when the educations and therapies for the children are “none of their interest (N.O.T.I)”, it is the beginning or the real cause of the so-called autism and A.D.H.D.
Well, in order to find out the cure for the children’s disorders or problems, it is necessary to share the knowledge of any treatments for human beings, instead of keeping them as confidential. And, if you want to fool the kids, you need to fool their parents first, except it is a Noti.